Solid lines metadata option: does anyone need it?

From it’s initial version, Synfig Studio has had a “solid_lines” metadata option that changes the way ducks and beziers are drawn on top of the canvas. It is on by default, and the only way I can find to turn it off is to manually edit the metadata. The non-solid-lines option seems to be defunct and only adds complexity to the rendering code. I’m attaching a screenshot of what Synfig Studio looks like without solid lines.

Is there any need for this feature? If nobody’s using it, I will be removing it from the code.

P.S. Why are image attachment and embedding not working?

Is it so hard to keep the metadata non solid lines option in the code? I would like to not remove features because they were not used. Maybe it was not used by anyone because the Meta Data panel is broken. Maybe you can not use it in the code but dp not remove it completely form the meta data values.

Image is not shown because you need to provide a renderable image link (right click on the image gives this link):