So... project linked each other?

Excuse me,
When I copied bone to another project and edit it, the old project were also changed?
Is that intentional? Can I avoid it?
And is there a way to scale a bone? It seems when I tried to use scale tool it got messed up.


Also, there is a lot of time that I can’t change position of certain object inside a group because it said it’s a part of composition. And I can’t move it to outer group either (It says the same thing). That happened to imported SIF. I don’t know what is really going on but it’s a bit… y’know, annoying. I don’t quite remembered the detail but you can ignore this one.

Sorry for,… maybe a stupid question. I’m still relatively new to animation software in general.

I’m not sure whether there’s a way to “copy” part of project (other than by editing .sif by hand), but “import” does not copy, it links instead.

If you want to “scale” bone, just move its end… You don’t even need scale tool for that. Scale tool works on set of handles and is probably most useful for vector shapes.

Can’t say anything about “part of composition” though.

When you import a sif file into a new scene then try to also open the original sif in another tab. You can also try to copy the imported content out of the folder that contains the path to the original scene or sif file. That sometimes works for me. When you import a sif that has animated bones in it the you can only change the position and scale not the actual bone animation of the imported sif file. It sucks but that is how it is for the moment. To prevent that the original project changes you can try and save your character to another name before you apply the bones or any animation.

Thank you for the answers.
Hmm, copying the sif file sounds like a nice idea.

I was asking the wrong question about the bone, I mean skeleton, the whole skeleton. :open_mouth: I’m not sure if what it’s called. The whole structure of bone? :unamused:

Sadly, “import…” option (or Ctrl+V) links layers to the outer file.

You can duplicate your .sifz file so your modifications only affect “that other copy”, or you can copy layers with this tool: