Small Self Portrait


I’m still very new to synfig, but I wanted to try using it as a drawing tool to help me decide if I’m going to use Synfig, or inkscape to draw characters for future animations. I didn’t find Synfig to be too intuitive, but I was able to quickly sketch out this self portrait.

I would like some opinions on this, and any improvements I should make. I still need to clean up a lot of lines, and add shading and backgrounds, but any input on what I’ve got so far would be great!

What are the major benefits of using synfig for drawing in your animations? Are there any upcoming improvements?

I use inkscape. mainly for pragmatic reasons. I have inkscape on my works machine so I can work on characters durring lunchbreaks. Its probably not the right way to do it, but I then import the svg file in and group the drawing and move each group so its origin is where i want it to pivot. I then re assemble the character and add transform layers. Also I used to do a lot of drawing in flash and its take a while to get used to working in inkscape

I do all my drawing in synfig, because most of the advanced stuff in Inkscape does not get exported to sif anyway and by drawing in Synfig I picked up the basics and the importance of groups in Synfig a bit quicker, but in the end I think it’s just a matter of preference. I don’t know Inkscape that well so directly drawing in Synfig goes faster for me. Drawing in Toonboom is not the same as in Illustrator so I don’t think that it is a necessity that drawing in Synfig should be the same as drawing in Inkscape.

edit: portrait is really nice. I would change the line thickness here and there but like you said it is a wip. Would be cool to see it animated.

Thanks! I did find it a great learning process, and that now I have a much better understanding of how groups work, as well as many of the tools that synfig offer. Hopefully while I’m shading I’ll learn a ton about how the gradient layers work.

I might start learning inkscape though as it looks like the Morevna project wants 2d artwork done in either that or gimp, and I do plan on working with them to get a better understanding of synfig and blender.

Hi everyone,

I fixed a couple of things that were bothering me, and I’m about to get ready doing some shading, and finer details, but I was wondering if anyone had any input about the width tool.

Let me know what you think so far!

EDIT: Answered of one my own dumb questions, and removed it.