small making-of to promote the book of friends


The following making-of has been made using lots of Synfig for animations, a bit of gimp for drawings clearing/cutting, and kdenlive for audio syncing. Any comment is welcome.

Audio is in french only by now… pitty for you get nice second-sense-jokes if you are a native :slight_smile: … but you can get translated subtitles by clicking on the related bottom-right icon.

Features I really liked included particules (for the snow), duplicate (for train tickets), camera widget (for travelling), key-frame based distortion, coloring layer, and many others, so big thanks to all who contributed to synfig!


Congratulations, it looks really nice!


Well done!

Great job. Bravo.

Je veux écouter la suite de l’histoire!!
(et non, je peux pas l’acheter, mes gamins sont trop vieux pour ça:)

Nicely done