Small jump at the beginning of an animation

Hi guys,

I have created a small (first) animation with Synfig. Basically everything works as described in this tutorial ( however, the transision within the first 0,5 second is nat smooth bur rahter a jump. I do not understand why this happens. If you just click on the timeline within the first 0,5 seconds you see the figure moving correctly but when you clay the animation, it just jumps until the positon it is supposed to be at 0,5 second. Afterward it proceeds moving smoothly. I have attached a screenshot (if that helps). I’d be quite thankful for every comment explaining this behaviour

From the attached screenshot everything appears to be correct.
If you click on the timeline and the position is correct but when you click play it jumps, my guess would be that the program is lagging and thus skips first frames.
To see whether this is a problem with the playback or with the animation, you can press F11 (or go to File-> Preview) to render a preview of the animation.
Match the preview frame rate with your projects frame rate (24 fps) and see if the jump is still there.

Thanks Estard for your answer,
if I press F11 and watch the animation it looks okay and there is no jump.