Slides for Webpage banners...

I’m trying to create a main page for a website with a banner that included pictures that cycle and a text box that cycles. The Slide Show Tutorial seems to include the blend method and time swap. Are these two options or do they need to be used together. In addition, where can I find step by step directions how to use these two features. BTW, Synfig is has been a great find, THANKS!

The tutorial begins with a technical description of all concepts. If you’re not interested, you can skip ahead to the step-by-step instructions later on. Please tell me if anything is unclear, so that I can modify it.

Blend Mode and Timed Swap are two separate ideas. Precisely:

  • Blend mode determines how the layers are stacked. “Straight” mode is used in the tutorial so that only one image is shown at a time. If normal mode were used instead, some of the old image will show through. (Imagine stacking irregularly-sized pieces of paper: some will be visible below the others).
  • Timed Swap is a simple animation technique. It is used to animate a value, in this case the amount (opacity) of a layer (image). It is configured so that until time x the image has an amount of 1 (opaque), and after time y it has an amount of 0 (fully transparent). Fading is done automatically.

Thank you. I have followed the steps in the tutorial, but how do I create the file? The directions stop after the properties are updated. How do I save it? Do I follow the animations steps or saving a file? Thanks