Sky animation

I need help animating the sky Here is what I am going to do.
First I am going to make the stars invisible and have only the moon and one mini comet in the centre.
Then I am going to start making the stars slowly appear. Along with 3 comets which I have labeled move.

How do I do that.
I also need to make the each comet a single object so I could move it easier.And want to make the moon and its mooon shine into a single group instead of being with the stars.

Also some feedback How many stars should appear per frame or shoud they just be random.Here is the reference and the synfig file.
Star (125 KB)
Star (126 KB) (895 KB)
Star Background.sif.tar.gz (137 KB)

You may wonder why nobody has replied your post.
You have explained us what want to do but you haven’t done any animation that we could see and tell you what’s wrong or needs improvement.

So I just can give you some advices:

  1. Brighter stars appears first.
  2. The transition from sunset to night is very slow.
  3. The moon halo can be much bigger and softer.

I would like to see some actual animation from your side to give you better feedback.


I was wondering why the animation is idle for this file. Why can’t I animate anything?
Star (125 KB)

In the Canvas properties dialog, you must specify a start time smaller than the end time to be able to add animation.

Layer active checkbox is not animatable. Use Amount parameter with Constant interpolation.


So I have to make each star amount 0 and then make it 1 manually right but what is constant interpolation?

Wiki has many answers :wink: