skeleton question.

Hello I have a skele question.

I have a skeleton fully animated that is supposed to move the character the exact way it moves. This is my first time trying it this way. Anyway, I have the regions under the skeleton so that I can see the skele while I am morphing the regions in place. Sometimes what happens is a region from a different body part covers part of the skele that I need. I would like the skeleton to be in view all the time without any regions covering any of it. How would I do this? Any tips will be appriciated.


Are you working with the stickman template? Maybe posting the sample file here someone can look at it and could help.

I have made my own skeleton. I am having a hard time understanding how to use it as a template though. I would like to be able to just copy it onto my main canvas while having the main template unaltered. How can I do this? And is there a way to copy groups?

The skele is below.
Human Skele-en.sifz (5.13 KB)

Please give a try to the stickman template and see the video tutorials that explains how to use it.
Your skeleton needs a total rearrange to make it work properly.
Also, groups aren’t able to copy from one document to other but can be done with the scripting interface that Zelgadis has wrote lately to his own workflow. It should be incorporated to the main branch in the next release.

The Stickman that Zel made is a great template for keeping the human body intact, but I have no idea what to do if I wanted to disconnect a body part from the main points of rotation. The Right hand for example. I’ve tried turning off anything but the wrist rotation (well everything above that) but it acts odd. I know The Zel did something really complex here, but I cannot figure it out what .

Though, based on what He did, and what you did (through your cutout, and from the feedback you told me) I did manage to make that stickstick man better. I did not connect the limbs or the head to be body just in case I wanted to transform it to an non-human like a dog, zebra or whatever Maybe an ant?. Anyway! Will you test it?
Human Guide.sifz (10.8 KB)

realllyyyy sorry for bringing this up again…but is there a way to get the stickman .siz file to save into a project without altering the template? I tried to copy the stickman from one project to the next, but it doesnt seem to remember the pose when I open it back up. I know I could import it, but wouldn’t that alter the orginal stickman?

Are you referring to your template or Morevna Project template?

Both of them. Any alterations of a copied template onto a new project aren’t saved. anything dealing with the angles or ducks arent saved.

Unfortunately copy/paste layers doesn’t copy paste the exported value nodes. Exported value nodes from copied layers still belonging to the original document where the value was exported.

Thanks for clearing this up :smiley: