Since the version 1.3.11 does not open on mac 10.11

I have also just tested version 1.4.1 on the iMac with Catalina, installing the program on an external disk and with a non-administrator user (usually, I install everything from the main applications folder with the administrator user). And it opens the same as the previous version, without requiring any confirmation other than access to external drives, which I grant.
Tomorrow or the day after, I’ll also test with the problematic iMac with El Capitan

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Hi, I’ve been away for work for a few days. Yesterday I was finally able to test the version 1.4.1 you mentioned, and it keeps giving me the same problem, I don’t see any difference.Pity.
I just saw another message where they mention to start the program by forcing the boot in 32 bits, I will try it when I come back in case it is the solution. Let’s see if we are lucky.

On my mac with 10.11 there is no such option to open in 32-bit mode for any of the versions I have looked at, not the latest ones like 1.4.1 or even the one that already works normally, 1.2.2 which is the latest version functional on my 10.11 system it seems.
Unless other users confirm that it works well for them and therefore the problem is my specific configuration, perhaps they should update their requirements to inform future users.

I have tried to install Opentoonz that is another cartoon program ad it crash like synfig and some functions don’t work well. So I suppose that there is a conflict between the different software of my Mac.

On my Mac with 10.11, Opentoonz 1.4.0 latest stable version opens correctly, although I have not tested if it works afterwards. But on their website, they indicate as a mandatory requirement 10.14, which I suppose will be for the latest version in development, version 1.5 for a few days, which I am not going to install when I see its requirements.
In the case of Synfig, as I mentioned, I can use up to version 1.2.2 but not later, therefore I would say that the problem is with some of the changes in the program. And perhaps some of those changes, force to raise the requirements. What should they indicate.