Simulate earthquake?

Anybody have a ready recipe for using layers, parameters, etc. to simulate the look of an earthquake as seen by a stationary camera? You know, where everything vibrates and has a slight motion blur to it? I’m at work now and can’t experiment myself, but I’ll be trying to figure this one out for the trailer I’m working on.

Thanks in advance for any tips.


Still thinking about this idea…

Let’s say you had an image of a landscape or whatever, created in Synfig, and you animated it shaking earthquake-style for a couple of seconds. Could I duplicate that sequence on top of the original, make it partially transparent, then time-shift the duplicate sequence to be a frame or two behind the original? 'Cause if you can do that, it would probably do what I’m after.


You can use motion blur I think but that second option seems to do the trick too.
For me the main problem is to achieve the earthquake movement properly (frequency and intensity) but I guess that trial error would help there.

To do that trick you can export the canvas with the earthquake animation and load it into other paste canvas layer. Then offset its timing using the time offset parameter and make it a little transparent. The amount of time that the animation is shifted back should be the proper one to be out of sync on the waved animation. If not the effect is not achieved.

Interesting request. I’ll be very glad to see here your progresses.


I’ll try it both ways with a simple set of shapes during the day tomorrow and see what looks the best.