Simple SVG not importing to Synfig

I’m the designer currently making the official video tutorial series for the Inkscape project.
So firstly, hello fellow Open Sourcerers! :smiley:

I’m trying to import an svg into synfig for doing the shape-tweening, making the inkscape logo change into different things.
However, I can not seem to get my svg file to import correctly.
The paths do not show up after import, only a few nested groups which appear to be empty.
I’ll post a sample file if there is somone who can assist. :slight_smile:
Drag-and-drop from filesystem seems to work for some svg files and not others.
I have attached the svg file I’m trying to import.

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to adding Synfig to the video credits for our project.


Crogers hello and welcome here …

The best way to import svg art into synfig is to convert export them into sif (native synfig file format) … you can do that easyly from inkscape (0.91) using “save as sif” … also you can read :

Good luck for your nice project.


Hi. Thanks for your help. I would also like to submit a bug report for Synfig, since I would like to be able to use my .svg assets in the future without having to export them to a different format. I’m using Synfig 1.0.1. Can you help me troubleshoot the file? Any idea why it might not be importing correctly?


The importing module doesn’t do its work properly. And nobody is working on it right now.