.sif exported from Inkscape can't be animated

I exported a .sif file from Inkscape (version 0.48+devel+12966) (attached). Synfig (0.65.0-20140120) can open this file but none of the objects can be animated. In fact, the time track doesn’t appear at all and the + sign for adding keyframes is greyed out.

Additionally, when I try to move or manipulate a group of objects I get this error:

Is this a bug in the .sif exporter in Inkscape, Synfig, or just an option that needs changing?
drawing.sif (13.2 KB)

Files exported from Inkscape doesn’t seem to have a duration. You need to manually change the duration from 1 frame to the value you want. Go to Menu->Edit->Properties and modify the start and end times in the Time tab.

You’re using a development version so that’s the reason it can’t be modified. Use a later development version or an earlier stable version to be able to animate it properly.

Thanks, that solved that problem!

Am I correct in assuming that the only way to adjust a group of objects is to use an adjustment layer (rotate, scale etc)?

In the stable version you can pan and zoom the group of objects and need a rotate layer to rotate the content.