Shoes for Running Animation

Okay, so the model is almost done (which is good :slight_smile: )

However, i finally realized, "This animation needs shoes :unamused: ".
I mean, flip flops isn’t really good for running. Agree ? :wink:

So, i need an advice for a simple shoes that i can animate (also the one that looks good enough for running).
I was thinking to draw the ones with laces. But… Shoelaces… :cry:

The animation will be made by imitating the frame by frame animation (like anime) so a simple pair of shoes shouldn’t be a problem to animate.
Any suggestions…?

I’ll also try to find better example while waiting for some advices. hopefully gonna get some in the house :mrgreen: .

P.S. : NoNoNoNo… Please don’t delete this! This is not a shoes ad spam!! :blush: (talk about the “flooding ads” past :stuck_out_tongue: )

It depends on what kind of quality animation you’re making. Shoes aren’t very noticeable, so you could get a way with simple black shoes without laces. If you’re making a more high quality animation and shoelaces are too difficult, maybe try strapped boots.

You can always look at available vector art that can readily be imported in synfig at
Adding some rotate/swirl/distort is often enough to achieve good & simple visual animation.

I quite like < but maybe not for running :wink:

or start from scratch with … -shoes.htm

and for the whole cycle you could mimic … Tony-Bunny
or go for the lolney tunes’ beep-beep way of running, below :wink:

good luck anyway!

Thank goodness, this one’s still alive!! :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions but i do have a big change on my plan.
I decided to use the old style animation (frame by frame). I’ll be super busy pretty soon (once i got my animation table) :open_mouth:

But your suggestions might gonna give me some figures of how i should draw the shoes.

Again, thanks a lot, everyone!!