Shapes on a grid - is there an easier way?

I’ve managed to use Duplicate and Transform layers to repeat a shape on a grid, but I’m sure there’s a more elegant way of doing this. Can anyone help?
grid.sifz (817 Bytes)

what is it you are trying to make them do? I would have just used copies! lol

In a few days when I’ve completed the animation I’m doing using this technique you’ll see why I can’t use copies :laughing:

There is not reason to use two Translate layers. You can use only one and link the x and y coordinates to the corresponding indexes of the duplicate layers.
Other than that comment, the grid is perfect!

Many thanks Genete - I suspected I was using too many layers. I’ve fixed it now…
grid-v2.sifz (760 Bytes)

Or you could link the indices straight to the origin of the star and get rid of the last translate layer. I don’t think you can do it in less than 3 layers though…


Of course, I never thought of that - thanks!

I still would have kept the translate layer for the animation I did using this though as the original graphic (the red and white NW disc) I used is an imported canvas and the translate layer means I don’t have to change it. The animation I did using the grid is below: