Shape Morphing in Synfig

I want to know if synfig has an effect to interpolate or morph two different geometric shapes, something like circle to rectangle and vice-versa, complex shapes included.

Can’t bezier path data be pasted in time track (just like in After Effects)?

Hello! I think everyone is busy. :confounded:

Not sure people understand what you’re asking. Morphing one geometric shape to another is a basic thing, of course you can do it. You just create a region layer and then morph it to a whatever form you need in animation mode.

I mean I never used After Effects, so I might have misunderstood the question.
See the example I provided. It has 3 methods to morph circle to rectangle. The “MORPH” group is the most generic way and can be used with any geometric form.
CircleToRectangle.sif (29.5 KB)

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Let’s try with “morphing shape circle”