Setting Amount to 0 problem - KDE 64 bit

I’m using Synfig Studio 64-bit on Fedora 18 KDE. I’m using the 64-bit RPM I downloaded from the Synfig Studio website.

The problem I’m getting is that sometimes I cannot set the Amount parameter of region or outline layers to 0. I can set it to any other value apart from 0. I’ve only encountered this bug since I started using KDE instead of GNOME so I imagine it might be a problem with using GTK in KDE.

Are there any other KDE users here, and if so, have they experienced this problem?

Does it reject the value or does it crash or what?
It is known that there are interferences between parameters in some cases. Still unknown the reason or that. So it is possible that other kind of interferences appears in other systems.

I now have both KDE and GNOME on my computer.

In Animate mode on GNOME I can always set the value of the Amount parameter to 0 on a key frame.

In KDE I can set the value of an Amount paramter at a key frame to any value - even things like 0.001 - apart from 0. Doing this occassionally works but usually fails.

The value in the Amount parameter just reverts to it’s previous value when I press Enter. I can set the value to 0 by right-clicking on the waypoint and editing it.

It seems to be some kind of problem with Amount 0. -0 doesn’t work either.

It would be great if you open a bug tracker in case you didn’t it yet.

Certainly - I’ll do it tomorrow morning.