Selecting multiple waypoints

Synfig should really have a way to select multiple waypoints and edit them. Maybe there should be a lasso to select more than one at a time. Just thought this feature would be really important to have.






Has this been implemented? I can’t seem to be able to select multiple waypoints to move them as one along the timeline. Anyone know how to achieve this?

You can still select them using CTRL key and once selected you can move them forward and backward the timeline. You cannot edit its interpolation type all together though.

And selection by mouse (rubber band) hasn’t been implemented yet. Also, you cannot select them in more than one channel at a time.

No , … but more people been involved in the community (answer the forum / improve the doc / test new features and report bugs / fixes the bugs / …) , quicker the work will gone :slight_smile:

to move waypoints from multiple channels, you can try using keyframes

this tricks do not work in all case, especially if your compostion already had keyframes.

(i have updated the waypoint documentation adding some move sections … feel free to improve it again … )

Thanks for the quick reply. I used CTRL to select multiple waypoints and move them in my current project, but I realise the importance of having few waypoints if you want to be able to edit them easily later on.

This did give me an idea though. I thought of how it would be useful if we could select a bunch of waypoints on a timeline and using a shortcut key like ALT, make the selection expand and contract depending on which direction you stretch the group of waypoints. This would allow for easy compression and expansion of animations.

Does this make sense?

This is already partially available by draging keyframes in the Timetrack panel:

  • click + drag will compress/expand all waypoints between the keyframe you move and its predecessor and successor.
  • click + alt-drag will move all keypoints between the predecessor and successor keyframes of the delay you drag, without scaling (compress/expand).

What’s is impossible for now, I think, is to apply this time shifts to only a selected subset of some value nodes.

That’s exactly what I mean with the keyframes except for specific value nodes. It’s good to have the feature for keyframes, but that affects the whole animation (all elements in it) whereas I’d like to be able to isolate a specific group of items to accelerate/decelerate.


I looked quickly at the code and don’t have the skills to code this, sorry. someone else?

your idea is shared by other minds … take a look to : Waypoints … what could be the future of…?