Seeking collaborators

I have a sweet and simple animation project “Animal Exercise Fun” (see one of those change the world hobby things. Can’t say it will ever be more than what it is, but am ebooking it with Ibooks author for ipad and have hit the wall trying to figure this animation process out.

It deserves more than my half assed attempt, so if anyone wants to help I’m open to sharing what ever comes of it if you think it has any value. From reading the manual this program should do a fine job if I wasn’t techochallenged.

Mac 10.6.8
loaded dmg fine
have x11

Oh, thanks for the effort at bringing this program to the inept masses. I drag and drop therefore I am.

This tutorial doesn’t help?

Good luck with the project!


Duh what’s a Caret? sorry
Crap i found it. what a relief.
Thanks now I’m excited since this seems to be an amazing program