seek to prev/next waypoint

Currently we have seek to previous/next keyframe function exposed in GUI. That is fine. But how about waypoint? Is it a reasonable feature requirement?


I prefer working with only waypoints, no keyframes.

Same here, there are keyframe panel that provides Jump already.
Or maybe we can combine seek to kerame and waypoint together.

IIRC ther is not Seek Next/Previous Waypoint action. Maybe it could be interesting to you to create that action Jcome?
Seek Waypoints is not a trivial thing, because it could be done at document scope (what would end useless after a certain time) or on a selected layers basis that I think should be the right way.
Suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

If deeper work is needed to appy this then perhaps we should aim for a more indepth workthrough of the whole timeline waypoint handling instead. It is in current state quite limiting and slowing down workflow.
It would be highly desireable to have box selection of waypoints, selection of waypoints from multiple channels, changing interpolation on all selected waypoints etc. Seek to prev/next waypoint could be a part of this also.

Working with one feature, like seek to waypoint, feels like a bit of a patchwork where even more work is needed when something else is going to be applied.

has there been any development in this?.. I’ve been looking around for an easy way to jump to next/prev waypoint… to repeatedly right click - “jump to” is a bit cumbersome with my stylus pen… also, it’s easy to miss when the waypoints are to close to each other.