See an object moving

I am starting with Synfig and following some tutorials but I have a problem that I didn’t solve.
When I move an object with the green dot, I don’t see the object moving but only the dots. I can see the final position only when I release the mouse. It’s very difficult to find the final position of my object, I have to move it several times.
How can I see the object when I am trying to replace it ?

I don’t konw if I am clear,
Thank you

Seeing where the object will appear only works when you directly work on vector objects (like splines and shapes).
Putting anything inside a group layer will restrict you to only seeing the the handle of the group that you try to move around.
If you have trouble placing the objects exactly where you want, keep in mind that you can also move points around using the arrow keys. That should help you when want to more finely adjust the positions.
Also you can hold Ctrl and move the handle around without affecting the position of the layers inside. That way you can place it in the middle of the object and move it around with a better sense of where is will be.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

You should see the outline of every object when you are moving his origin point. If you don’t see it that is not a normal behavior. Could you record a video about it?