Sea Lion

I’m trying to make this sea lion do a walk cycle, would I achieve it? :smiley:


Wow, you’re ambitious!


No problem.
Large swinging walk with front paws and pushing with the little tail-fin. Lot of body fat to showel around in secondary animation.
You’ll pull this one off Genete.
Some reference for you;

Yeah, I’ve looked to several video references in youtube. I think I’ve got a rough idea of the main poses. I’ll leave it rest a little in my mind and try it other day.

:laughing: It’s very much possible. The question is HOW you do it, or what method you use. I’ve tried various ways, and each have their cons and pros.

But hell, either of them would work out quite well! :wink: I’m lookin forward to seeing it.

“The proof is in the pudding” :wink:

Other things I should add:

-Drop shadow on the sand
-Better sea
-Rocks and vegetation.

Anything else?
sealion.sifz (68.1 KB)

Thats really great genete!

Some footprints/trail on the sand would be appropriate I think.

Maybe some dolphins jumping out of the water? Some waves and seagulls too. Oh, and a synfig penguin walking the other way :wink:

Nice work!


Thanks guys! :smiley:

Aww, he’s cute :slight_smile:.

I do think a little more shading and detail in the water would be better though. :smiley:.

Still I like it :wink: