Scaling line widths?

Hi. I’m new to Synfig, but I really do like the program. However, I’m having a slight problem. I’m trying to scale a character I have drawn. I select all the layers of the character, then I drag to select all the ducks, and then I drag one of the ducks to scale the object. So far so good. However, my line widths all remain the same. Everything else scales nicely, but the line widths don’t change. I have not yet figure out what I’m doing wrong. I tried making the line width ducks visible when scaling, but that made my lines thicker when scaling down, which is not what I want at all. Any help? Adjusting all the lines manually would be a huge pain!

Try check Restrict Radius ducks to first quadrant on Setup dialogue.

Oops. Accidental Double Post. I removed this one.

The closest thing to that I see is “Restrict Real-Valued Ducks to Top Right Quadrant”
Changing that does good. It doesn’t seem to do anything.

Maybe I’m using the wrong version? I’m using 0.63.04.

After playing around with it a bit more, I think I’ve discovered my problem. Simple outline BLines scale nicely, but Advanced BLines do funny things. I don’t know what this means, but maybe I can fix it now… maybe. I’ll have to see if I can convert all my advanced BLines to regular BLines…

The problem with advanced outlines is that the origin of the width duck isn’t scaled together with the bline because it position depends on a calculation of its own parameters based on the blind final shape. The code to update the width points origin position isn’t coded yet.

Alternatively, to scale the width of a outline (any type) once you have scaled the bline, you have two options:

  1. Modify the global width of that outline layer by increasing or decreasing the Width parameter. It will affect to all width points together. Expand will do similar too but it allows to achieve negative widths. See
  2. Use Outline Grow (since 0.63.05). It is a new parameter of the Paste Canvas layer that allows to increase or decrease recursively the width of the outline layers inside the paste canvas by an exponential factor.

I hope it helps.

In the future I could try to code the update of the width points positions during bline manipulation.


In other words, the program doesn’t do that yet. Got it.

I was using the zoom tool, just selecting the Capsule and then changing the zoom.