Scaling an outline without scaling the stroke width

First of all, that you for all your hard work !

I use Synfig since about 2 weeks now. The first time I launched the Synfig Studio, I was kind of disappointed as the tool palette made me think it will only provide very basic tools. But when you start digging into the software, you discover the tremendous power hidden behind that apparently simple GUI. Synfig is indeed a very complex tool, but thanks to the huge documentation available on the Wiki and on the forum (… and few hours of experimentation), I was able to find answer to all my questions until now.

All but one :

As an example, in the attached file, you can see my circle outline are scaled, but their stroke width change too. I would like it remains constant at 2px during the animation. How can I achieve that ?

PS/I’m using Synfig Studio 0.64.2 on Linux as this is the version provided as part of the current Debian stable packages. Per IT policy, I do not have the freedom to install a more recent version on my production machine.
resize-outline.sifz (1.6 KB)

Selecting all the vertex of the outline and then scaling it manually with the scale tool instead of using a scale layer works for me.

Thank you darkspace65 :

It works ! and it was soooo simple …

EDIT : Just to be accurate, I had to select vertex and tangent handles to resize properly my spline.

Yes… ctrl-a is your best friend. :smiley: