Scale Layer - outline

Is it possible to use the scale layer and scale an object with an outline - but NOT scale the outline.

For example - if I draw a white circle with a black outline - I would like to scale up or down the circle and outline but keep the outline width the same.

At this point what seems to happen when I just put a layer over the region and outline layers, they both scale up or down and the ‘numbers’ show that the outline width is the same but it looks thicker or thinner despite the numbers saying they are the same width. Am I missing something that I should check or use with this layer?


Using your eye to decide if something looks right is often best practice, and you get better at it that way. What I think the scale layer does is it sees the image below it and interpolates like it’s one solid object. You could use outline grow on a group and resize the outline, determine if it’s the same size after resizing, by eye.

growing the outline may also make an object look smaller if it’s in front, so watch out for that.

Well you could simply change the outline width to compensate for the scaling effect. It’s possible to do this automatically using valuenodes:
scale-preserve-outline.sifz (1.24 KB)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create circle with outline
  • Add scale layer above it
  • Right-click > Export on the Amount parameter of the scale layer
  • Right-click > Convert > Scale on the Outline Width parameter of the outline layer
  • Expand the Outline Width parameter (little triangle on the left of the parameter name)
  • Right-click > Convert > Reciprocal on the Scalar parameter that shows up after expanding
  • Expand the Scalar parameter
  • Right-click > Convert > Exponential on the Link parameter that shows
  • Expand the Link parameter
  • Go to Library tab and select the exported Amount parameter (expand the ValueBase Nodes entry if needed)
  • Go back to Parameters tab and Right-click > Connect on the Exponent parameter (under the Link parameter)

What the above does is apply the inverse of the scale effect to the outline parameter, negating the scale effect. But since the scale layer actually calculates the exponential of the Amount value to get the actual scale factor, the same calculation needed to be applied to our inverse scale value.

You can also export the Outline Width parameter after all of the above is done and Connect it to other outline layers so that those other layers also keep the same width regardless of the scale layer amount.