Sangue de Dragão (Dragon's Blood)

Hi guys, first I apologize for the wrong writing, my English is bad, so I used Google Translator

This is my first animation using only free software:
GNU/Linux Ubuntu - Synfig - Inkscape - Blender - Kdenlive - GIMP - MyPaint - Audacity

Dragon’s Blood – Synopsis in english
A child and his fantasies, who suffers prejudice by believing what is not considered normal by most people.

Sangue de Dragão – Sinopse em português
Uma criança e suas fantasias, que sofre preconceito por acreditar naquilo que não é considerado normal pela maioria das pessoas.

The video has closed captions in English

Beautiful paintings. Would like to see more animation on them.

Thank you friend. Not planned to do another animation about these characters, I’m starting to think more about it because many people are talking like that …

I like the style. You should put subtitles on the voices, even if it is done with google translate.

Looking forward too seeing more.

Thanks for your coment friend.
The lines are already subtitled, they are hidden, you need to enable them to watch the video

My bad. I should have checked. Good one.

I like the concept.