same files different rendering in LMDE and MAC OS X

Hi guy’s

i just want to share the following issue i realized in a simple “falling ball” - animation i created myself.

First of all i have installed Synfig in both, a Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) and a MAC-Book-Air (MBA) running Snow Leopard.
In the LMDE i have the latest version according the Software Manager however it is 0.63.05
In the MBA i have the latest version according the Synfig-site now (February 2013) 0.65
I made a animation with synfig and save it as a .sifz-file in LMDE

I render to .gif but the result was not desirability.
I mail my .sifz to my MBA and after i wend on it i render the file again (to .gif) and the result was much better and significantly closer to that what i expected.

Irrelevant, but I could not make a .avi file neither on the LMDE nor on the MBA. Is there a help about it?

It is interesting.
Can you share the two gif images to see its differences? We are aware that the built in gif renderer is not so good but maybe there is something that we can do for the bad version learning from the good one.

Here is the firstone from LMDE:

and here is the second one from the MBA:

to see what i mean you can open e.g. 2 browser windows and open the 2 files in each window browser and place the windows side-by-side.

Do you have something for me to make my animations .avi files? ( i mean a good explaining link or so? I didn’t achieve it yet)

Another small thing is that i don’t know how to rotate in X-Axis. I mean if my canvas is X.vs.Y then the Z-Axis-Arrow shows to me right? on this axis i know how to rotate objects. But how to rotate objects on the other axis? (X and Y)

I think that both Synfig Studio versions are not the same. If the file is exactly the same and the version of Synfig is the same it is impossible that one file renders significantly different from the other.
The timing of the first gif is not the same than the second.
Can you confirm the Synfig versions of the two machines? It is possible that the Linux machine could have installed an older version that wasn’t wrongly used instead of the latest one?
Can you share the sifz file?

The versions of Synfig are not the same! I wrote in in my first post.
LMDE have 0.63.05
MBA have 0.65

I will render again in both to check again that the file is exactly the same!

0.65 is not a Synfig version. Latest is 0.63.05 :wink: