Hi to everyone, i discovered Synfig some time ago, at the time of changing from Vista to Linux (one of the very few things that i’ve made right on my life) i was looking for graphic design software and i must say that i’m very satisfied and happy with the professional tools i now have, no reason for missing Windows jeje. As a part of my like for drawing, animation is my second favorite activity; i’m very impressed for the kind of things that Synfig can do, and exited of know that is not even the half of it’s capabilities, i’m very very used to work with flash, i like vectorial draws because the look cool despite the size you gave them, also as an alternative for animation, i used Anime Studio Pro, and i liked it but some things in there just didn’t work as i expected they could, also… for some reason i didn’t felt their support so friendly at the forums, but still a good tool. Synfig is more what i’m looking for and that short ‘Prologue’ from the Gallery section doesn’t let me lie, i know that an animation with that potential requires time, but is definitely a good reference. i really hope to spend as much time as i did at GTA Forums jajaja (thanks to my interest in modding, i now can handle almost any 3D editor with a little knowledge of coding)

Welcome - we look forward to many great animations! Love your avatar, by the way.

Welcome H13N.H3N,
You’re in the right forum now.
I am fan of Anime Studio too but when I discovered Synfig… woah!
Only a few time more and Synfig will be your loved application.

BTW, what was your username in AS forum?
I don’t identify it.


defenitely is starting to be, i looked at some examples at You Tube and people do amazing things. In ASF i have an account also named H13N.H3N, but that account is more ‘recent’, i used to have another account when the program was named Moho, i forgot what the password was and that’s why i had to create another one (now i don’t even remember how the account was named jeje), i just wrote one or two coments with the new account, anyway, i’m always looking the solutions by my own and didn’t felt bad at all for the lack of help when AS was known as Moho, that’s why i gave ASF a second chance creating another account.


Thanks, i also like it, i wish it could be better tough, the hardest part is not trace or animate the avatar, but think in a good design for one, your’s is also cool, is made in Synfig?

Of course! (traced from a picture)