Rotation parameter for paste canvases?

I’ve seen this asked for in at least one other thread here on the forum but I can’t find it now again.

How hard would it be to implement a rotation parameter (feature) for paste canvases?
This would speed up and smooth out the workflow tremendously. Firstly we wouldn’t have to add a rotation layer for every encapsule and secondly we won’t have to constantly switch between layers when animating translation, scale (both present in paste canvases) and rotation (a layer of it’s own).

Hi rylleman,
I don’t know if it would be difficult or not, but if implemented it wouldn’t (shouldn’t) work as the rotate layer. Rotate layer is a raster operation but when implemented inside the Paste Canvas it should be a vector operation. This might implement a huge change and maybe the raster operation would be easier to achieve.
Anyway I don’t plan to work on it right now.
My next steps are (apart of kill any bug that come in from the latest code additions):

  1. Release support for Advanced Outline from Draw Tool + render speed up for Avd Outlines.
  2. Start to work on Smart Interpolation type (you know well what it is).
  3. Release a new minor (or major) version with it.
  4. New release cycle. etc. Here it can come in.

Anyway, it is really a great request because it answers to something that naturally should be implemented.
Together with a rotate parameter there should be a zoom duck (logarithm scaled) and a built in camera widget for the paste canvas. This way the Paste Canvas becomes a great tool I think.

Ok, thank’s. Ill add a feature request in the tracker so it’s not lost in the depths of the forum. (edit - done - … tid=757419)
Agreed that a zoom duck (and rotation as well) would be desiredable.
What do you mean by “a built in camera widget for the paste canvas.”? How would this work?

! :astonished: :smiley:

It sould work like the current camera widget:

Each Paste Canvas has the same parameters than the root canvas (fps, height size, wide size, etc.) but if it is not defined (like happens in all the paste canvases) it inherits it from its parent canvas (usually the root canvas). The idea is to add some widgets on the workarea that allows to identify the canvas settings. Those widgets will be invisible when the camera on (via paste canvas parameter) and will be visible when camera is off. This way the user can easily switch between the camera vision and the whole vision without need to animate the zoom, translate and rotate parameters individually.
But this is just an idea! :wink: