Rotation layer not effecting individual Keyframe

I imported an .Sif file of a “tree logo” from Inkscape into Synfig.
All “pieces” of logo are on separate layer before exporting from Inkscape.
After selecting a “Leaf” layer of logo in Synfig, I created a rotation layer above it.
Animation is set to 5 seconds with a keyframe at 0s, 3s and 5s.
If I select keyframe at 3s and rotate “leaf” object while in animation mode (red outlined window), both the other keyframes are rotated as well.
I can not figure out how to animate an individual layer.
Basically trying to animate the look of the tree leaves “shimmering/shaking” a bit, like they are being rustled by a breeze.

Was going to upload file, but new years are not allowed…

Beg your pardon? I’m not being rude but what’s

Everything below an effects layer are affected by it. Have you tried putting the rotation layer and the leaf layer in a separate group? I’m sure somebody who knows more will come by soon…

SAL :star_struck: