Rotation Layer Export Management

Hi there everyone! I’m loving the latest version of the software. It’s really working like a dream. I had a question for you that I couldn’t find in the forum. If I’m creating a cut-out character and exporting their rotation layers to make the hierarchy of the character work, is there a way to visually manage the exports that you created?

For the character test I was doing this AM, I started exporting the rotation layers. While I was doing it, I realized that I had the set up wrong in my layers. I deleted the rotation layers with exports created and started over. Let’s just chalk this up to working in the AM :wink: Anyway, when I started creating the exports correctly I got error messages saying that the name I was using for export is already being used. I naturally thought that the export would delete with the original rotation layer that was incorrect and deleted.

Is there any way to visually view all the exports in the file and manage them? This would help immensely! Thanks in advance for any wisdom.

Your eternal newbie

Check out the old named Children Panel, in a near future called Library Panel . To unexport a value node right click on it and select ‘Unexport’.


As always, you come to my rescue! Can’t thank you enough for your speedy delivery in knowledge. Do you know the launch date for the new terminology and will there be new tutorials. I think that it would be great to understand workflow better.

Thanks again!
Stephen :slight_smile:

New terminology will be out with the coming release (hopefully in a few days).

Awesome. I’m really excited. Here’s a blog post I just wrote on Synfig.