Rotation During Animation Problem

Hello everyone, I’m involved in an animated short film and we’re using Synfig for the project. I’ve noticed a problem during animation that I could’ve sworn has never happened before.

When doing an animation where an object rotates as it moves, in between the two keyframes, the object shrinks and then returns to it’s original, intended size by the time the second keyframe is reached. Same thing if I’m just using way points without key frames and I’ve probably done a hundred test animations to see if I could fix the problem to no avail. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for any advice. :smiley:

not enough to go by. Which version of Synfig are you using?
Describe how it shrinks. Is it all shrinking like a transform was applied, or only part of it, like something moved?

full body
it could be the zoom property on a canvas.

I’d investigate connected handles on a spline, it’s possible a handle gets rotated 360 degrees,That is usually my mistake.
Or a waypoint was deleted during animation mode but remains active between the waypoints, you can fix it by deleting it from the list entirely.

Hello and thank you for your quick reply, I really appreciate the help.

The shape maintains it’s relative scale, in other words it maintains it shape as it changes sizes. The version I’m using is the developmental snapshot Synfig Studio 0.65.0

Thank you again.

Maybe you’re using the rotate tool to create rotating objects instead of use a rotate layer. That’s a mistake. You cannot create rotation animations with the rotate tool over a shape because rotate tool rotates the position of the points and they move in a linear path between the start and end positions. It is normal that he middle position is not in the intended arc of rotation and so the shape would shrink.

Depending on your Synfig version you can group the object and use the rotate handle of the group instead of a rotate layer.

Rotate tool is only to create rotated artwork, not to produce rotation animation and keep the shape of the spline at the same time.

Thank you so much! It worked.

The thing is though that I could’ve sworn I used the rotate tool to animate rotations before. Strange…