Rotate, scale and mirror tools.


I’m testing Synfig Studio (see here), and i saw something strange.

Synfig version: 0.61.08
O.S.: Debian Lenny (testing) GNU/Linux.

When I try to rotate, scale or mirror any vector shape or bitmap don’t work. The tool continue in mode normal so I can only move the vertices or the full object throw its duck.

I saw in mirror mode the range of movement are limited to X axis. That could be a “logic” functionally, but is a strange mirror system. :slight_smile:

(I’ve tried to see the Debian bugtracking package, but it’s down.)


Last post were me! :blush: :laughing:

Fenix - I think what you’re seeing is ‘by design’ - the tools only affect the vertices. Two points make up a rectangle. Rotating them only changes their relation to each other around the circumference of a circle - i.e. gives a long thin rectangle to a short fat rectangle. If you want to rotate the whole bitmap, you need to use the rotate layer.
For the mirror tool, check the tool options dialog - there is a toggle box that will give you horizontal mirroring instead of vertical.


Yes!!!, you’re right!

I thought rotate (p.e) tool rotate automatically all vertices respect the duck of the object. I’ve done some examples after your explanation, and I’ve seen what you said.

Another mistake from me is I didn’t select all vertices for mirror, because I was waiting that transformation cover full object…

So, i see now the high importance of layer transformation.

Yes, I saw that option. I have mirrored a full object selecting all vertices.

The rotate tool does not seem to make sense when rotating a rectangle. Instead of rotating the rectangle it changes the dimensions. I can’t think of a time that would be useful. From the above post it seems to rotate a rectangle you need to rotate the layer. I can’t figure out how to rotate a layer. How do you rotate a layer? Maybe the rotate tool needs to rotate layers?

To rotate a layer you need a Rotate Layer over the layer(s) you want to rotate. Just insert a Rotate layer (Caret Menu>Layer>New Layer>Transform>Rotate. You’ll see two ducks when select the rotate layer: A green one for the origin and a blue one for the angle. Try it by your self and experiment the results.

First time you use a Rotate layer maybe you can complain about the pixelation of the rotated objects. Don’t worry it would disappear when rendered.