Romrom94 says Hello ^^

Hi everybody,

I just would like to introduce myself shortly and why I’m here (I mean, why I joined you :mrgreen: )

So, I’m really new on this forum (and on the wiki) and I will try to help the team to translate (and update) the wiki especially with some french part (tutorial for my contribution).

Finally I think that you noticed that I love “(…)” :unamused:

Y gracias Rafael para todo :wink:

Welcome Romrom94! :wink:

Welcome Romrom94! Thanks for helping! :slight_smile:

Bienvenue. C’est un plaisir. :smiley:

et merci d’avance pour ton aide!

yah! welcome =D

:unamused: Thanks for all your messages and glad to help you :smiley:

I’ll do my best :mrgreen: