Road Map discussion

Here are some from me:
New Features
1.Adding a import image in one layer that stays for certain period of time then change into a new image rapidly without removing the previous image that has been inserted.
2.When the program crashes, it automatically saves the error message, so that the user can upload the file to the developers, so they can figure out on why it crash.
3.Frame by frame animation with motion and shape tweening in the animation. (very helpful when planing to do a combination with frame by frame and vector tweening)
4.Replace or add GUI codes on windows OS with OpenGL or DirectX (I heard, that you can mix OpenGL with GTK+ from the videos that I found.)

Source code Improvements
1.A new building method on windows and other OS by using a project type software compiler (Visual C++ ,Code blocks, etc for example).
2.A Good documentation on files and folders and a list of svn changes.
3.A TODO list with lots of explanation and detail on each task

EDIT: Where’s the delete button???

Update my list, check it out.

EDIT: Just pretend this post doesn’t exist.

Here is my personal list:

  • Vector import (most probably SVG)
  • UI- rewrite ( Or maybe a complete new frontend in QT or GTK+?)
  • add Hotkeys F3 - F12 for the most needed funktions like loading and rendering

Ok, I’ll be editing this post with my personal thoughts. I haven’t read the previous posts, so there might be repeats.

  • Multi-layer Dragging When more than one layer is selected, dragging one higher or lower in the list moves the entire selection.

Ooooh - I second Nikitakit’s wish. That one keeps catching me out.


Some more wishes (Note: I’m not using SVN since I haven’t had time to build on Windows)

  • Local keyboard shortcuts in value edit Certain keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl-A and Delete, always reference the current workspace. When editing a value, it would be nice to temporarily disable them and make them perform the default actions on the text selected.

  • BLine tool ducks The vertex and tangent ducks are on top of each other by default. Thus, choosing the right one is always hard. Thus, I suggest that the “Split Tangents” be available for the vertex, and perhaps the “Loop BLine” available for the tangent.

  • Edit bool value when not selected Currently, to edit a bool value I must first select the value by clicking the row once, then check/uncheck the box. I propose to make the value changeable without having to select it first.

This is all minor UI stuff, but it bugs me nevertheless.

nikitakit - while the default behaviour of the delete key shortcut has been changed in the current SVN, you can change it in your installation by removing the shortcut. Se … ut_keys.3F for info on how to edit the shortcut keys.

I’ll let a real programmer comment, but I suspect the behaviour of the edit bool is an attribute of GTK rather than Synfig.


Great to see Synfig & Papagayo integration,

Is there an up to date road map or any other indication of what the paid for developer is working on?

Thanks Keith

I used to use synfig about five eight years ago. Gave up waiting for good things to eventuate. I’m back. Love it that you’ve dumped Ducks. I like the concept but it’s so non standard as to interfere with workflow of other programs.
In a similar vein, with standardisation and easier learning curve in mind:

  1. Backspace and delete keys should do what they do in other programs, i.e. delete objects.
  2. If I create an object with the draw tool and subsequently cut and paste it, I expect it to do that. Not cut the fill and paste that, leaving the stroke behind.
  3. Rename fill and stroke, to fill and stroke.
  4. Blender has an unusual interface, it’s inevitable with such a complex program. Even Blender allows me to move an object by clicking and dragging, and has done so since I can remember, (albeit with the right mouse button).
  5. In trying to register I was frustrated by the captcha process multiple times. Maybe it was a temporary glitch. I don’t think it was me. I have sometimes thought that Synfig is deliberately arcane so as to keep out the unholy. This might even account for some of the spam I hear you get.
    I have always liked this program, always wished to become one of your glitterati. :slight_smile:
    I apologise if I am repeating the oft aired comments from other members but figured I should speak from a fresh POV while I still have it.
    Good to see original maintainers, or at least some of those who were here when I was still here.
    Thanks girls and boys.

And welcome back. Pointers, feature requests and issues are always welcome.

  1. If you are familiar with the unusual interface of Blender then ctrl-delete is not that hard to grasp. :smiley:
  2. That is probably a bug. Please report the issue here and or post a bounty to solve it here: The work around is quick and easy: just link the origin handles of the outline and region manually.
  3. Tomato tomato… it took some time to get rid of ducks, who knows in time.
  4. You can click on the green origin handle of an object and very simply just drag it around. Or subsequently group it and drag it around with the group transformation widget. You may even use the left mouse button. Don’t know how much easier it can get.
    5.We have a captcha now?
    Have fun with Synfig and don’t hesitate to ask if you have problems on the way to the path of the glitterati. :smiley:

would it be feasible if synfig forks krita for the UI, vector and bitmap features? Having an inkscape level vector would allow complex animations like that of adobe animate cc.
As for bitmap, translate, rotate and scale would allow synfig to simultaneously combine cut-out and frame by frame animations

Can we put a rocket engine on a bike?
But to integrate 3 softwares with different philosophy and UI…