Revised Work

I made a different version of Mom’s Angel. Thanks, hope ya like it :wink:
Thoughts are appreciated.

Yeah! much better!
Regarding to curved lines:

  1. Are you using the Polygon tool or the BLine tool?
  2. When use the BLine tool you have some options at the tool options dialogue. You can create outlines and/or regions.
  3. When use the Bline tool just do the following sequence:

a) Click > Drag -->Create the tangent
b) Release> Move>Click>Drag -->Creates a new point and its tangent
c) Repeat b) as many times you like.
d) Press the Create BLine button (at the bottom of the tool options dialogue). It is the one with a gear.

I hope it helps.

Ya, I’m using the Polygon Tool. I found the Bline Tool in the earlier version wouldn’t let me end it, so I’m just sceptical in using it again in the new version, but I’ll work with that, and make something really great. Thanks for the response. These suggestions are really helpful, thanks! :smiley: