reverse motion with another path+2 questions

Hi all, would you please explain me how I can do next.

  1. I’ve made in inkscape (glued 34 *.png with png2swf) working of full-wave rectifier but I want it more smoothed. If you see (attached swf, you can see it with gnash) electron in 1 half-wave going with one path and in other with different. I can’t do it for 3 days with synfig and it’s really annoing me. I guess that it very simple but I can’t figure out. All of I could make in attached in *.sifz.

  2. If you see (attached swf) electron jump through battery and diods (or = invisible). Is it possible?

  3. How I can change in one keyframe color of object or background (in my case I need change colors of diods).

Ubuntu 12.04, Synfig 0.64.1 Inkscape 0.48
3_bit_file.tar (2.01 MB)
full_wave_rectifier.sifz (3.46 KB)

You got the right idea more or less.

You definitely need two paths, one for the for each half-wave. To make the electron “jump” across things you can use Constant Interpolation, also useful for instantly changing colors (or any other parameter) of objects.

In order to easily get a lot of electrons without manually having to create them you can use the Duplicate Layer combined with Time Loop Layer. Something like Snowflake with the Duplicate Layer, except you need to modify your objects in time, rather than rotation.

It is a bit tricky to get right, but it is a powerful technique. I’ll make a detailed tutorial video for it later.

Video tutorial:

Took a bit longer than I expected, had to figure out some things as I went.
halfwave-rect.sifz (3.77 KB)

Thank, Yoyobuae, it’s what I need. In russian we have word “волшебник”=miracle-worker, wizard, magician (positive), this is for you.

P.S. Good tutorials, I’ve downloaded another your tutorials before

I’ve done it (see *.sifz) but there are some defects that I can’t repair. In connection with I have next question:

  1. Speed of electrons are suitable for me but in first 4-5 frame (in every 4 cycles) I have free space near by source (see picture attached). How fix it? If decrease time duration in time loop the speed of electrons are increased what is undesirable.

  2. If I render to *.gif diods are not with solid color (see attached *.gifs with different quality). If make png to swf all is normal. How can I make normal *.gif?
    gifs.tar (460 KB)
    full_wave_rectifier.sifz (8.33 KB)

GIF format doesn’t have transparecy as PNG has. If the line is not full horizontal, there is some blurring part that renders bad in GIF. Make sure that horizontal lines are perfectly horizontal and that vertical lines are perfectly vertical. Also uncheck antialiasing parameter for those layers.


full_wave_rectifier.sifz (8.37 KB)

Had to do some converts in the Time Loop layer to get it to work:

The idea is that a Linear convert with negative rate will slow down the animation (4x slower on this case, 24f - 18f = 6f). Then the Time Loop convert resets the Linear convert at the start of each cycle. Yes, it is a bit complicated.

The ideal would’ve been to adjust the speed at the beginning when the circle was animated before applying the Time Loop layer. But to make the circle move along the line slow enough the animation length would need to be extended temporarily by a lot. Once the circle goes as at the right speed then the animation length can be shortened back, and the loop and duplicate layers applied.

Something like this:
slowflow.sifz (896 Bytes)

If you extend the duration of the animation to 17s 1f (go Canvas properties menu with F8 key, and to Time tab) then you’ll be able to see a waypoint for the circle at 17s. When the duration is only 1s then this waypoint is not directly visible, but the circles generated by the duplicate layer do “see” this waypoint as they are offset into future times.

  1. When I try open your rectifier I’m get warning * /home/user/full_wave_rectifier.sifz::87: Layer ‘import’ rejected value for parameter ‘filename’. But document opens and works seems correctly but without background although background’s layer is present. If I import again background only color of other object changing but background not appears.

  2. I tried to reconstruct your settings like monkey but it was hard (and I didn’t understand still now how it works). Program works slowly, repeatedly crashed and often not affords to make 0 values in LHS, RHS (or I’m fully with curved hands) . At the end I’ve made final, all works.

  3. I’ve got idea abot slowflow. Rectifier was my first work, so next time I will use this idea.