Reuse of the Synfig Demo Reel

Hi all,
When I’m not playing around with Synfig (which is the majority of my time now :frowning: ) I have a day job, which is now working on an open source OS. For this, I’m going to be making a video for use on Youtube. Part of showing off the OS is to show the video player, and I was thinking of having the Synfig demo reel as one of the videos (if not to show, then just listed with a thumbnail picture).
Strictly speaking, it’s not directly promoting Synfig, but it might give us a little more visibility. Would anyone in the Synfig community have an objection to it being used in that way?


You have my full support for that.
I wonder what’s that “open source OS”. Is it a secret?? To be clear, are you working with a open source operating system in your work now? (that would be awesome), if so, which one? (if it can be told) :slight_smile:
(maybe my English but your post looks a little strange in its syntax and you know, genete is like a inocent guy who is specialist on create funny confusions based on English-Spanish translation…)

Well, if you google “pixelgeek ‘chris norman’” you’ll find the answer near the bottom of the first page :slight_smile:
(or you could watch which IRC channels I’m logged into these days)

it is a great project! Good luck my friend on this venture!