Reuse animation on a Switch Layer

Salamu alaikum,

I’m creating educational 2d animation videos for Kids to help them learn languages. Synfig is very good, very stable. I thank you for the great quality of the software.

What I want to do now, is to copy the way my switch layer (grouping 20 layers) is animated over time, so that i can easily import it into another newly created animation. How can I do this, since i’ve read all the Reusability tutorials available on the wiki. but i still cannot see how to do it.

Thank you all, a quick video tuto is highly recommended :slight_smile:

Here are the 2 animation examples :

The Arabic alphabet letters belongs to one switch layer : and is animated ina certain way.

When I want to create another animation of the same letters, like in this video: I have to recreate my switch layer with new letters animation.

How can I define or create an animated switch layer and call it on any other new animation ? Which means call the switch layer with all its animations and TimeLoops from outside the same Synfig project file ? Thank you

alaikum salam and welcome :slight_smile:

okay, let me try to put this straight. so you want to use the same letters and with its waypoints and keyframes inside, right ?
and all the letters are in the group switch layer, ok ?

i think this might work, but i couldn’t make any video for it right now. also the explanation might be really complicated and i apologize for that. sorry :blush:

first you need to save that switch group as a one canvas. Might wanna make a copy for the actual animation file first in case you accidentally messed up

  1. delete every single layer in the file EXCEPT that switch group layer. make sure all the waypoints still in there
  2. go to toolbars, click “File”, then “Save as”. This is the reason for backups, in case you accidentally click “Save” instead as that will overwrite the entire animation file
  3. put a name that you can remember, for example, “Templates”
  4. and done :slight_smile:

Next time you want to make another animation with the same stuff in it, just click “File” on the toolbar, select “Import”, get that just saved switch group file and you good to go!! :smiley:

every imported file will be grouped down to a group canvas layer containing all the layers inside the file (In your case, that switch layer) so you can change the groups’ paremeters as much as you like, except for every single splines (including the region ones) and some other certain layers inside it. you can only edit those directly in the file itself or a warning message will pop up and cancelling the action
so if you want to edit some of the parts of that imported switch group file just open that file in synfig and edit it right away. the whole changes will carry on to the file that uses the imported switch layer

same goes to any other kind of synfig files. importing will carry it’s layers and timelines to the other file. and changing the imported file will make changes to other animation files that uses the imported file

oh and might wanna duplicate some more of them in case you want to make more :wink:
Hope that actually helps :slight_smile:

oh… also you can take the layers contained in the imported group out of that group and it will still work just the same,
but it will give you more freedom in changing the Z-Depths :smiley:

Thank you very much for your help.
Since i’m new to synfig (Last December 2016) it won’t be easy for to reproduce the steps.
But i’ll try and return back to you.
Thank you once again

Salamu Alaikum,

It was very hard for me to understand and reproduce the steps you described earlier. Yet here is the result of what i’ve could do with the very little knowledge i have about synfig so far.

As you can see all my animals belongs to the same switch layer. The switch has been animated and repeated with a time loop. Yet, i cannot reuse a switch layer designed and animated in another synfig project file.

If anyone can give a tutorial about this i’ll be very grateful.

Thank you all

whooops… sorry, kinda loofing off the forum for quite a some time :blush:

well, sure i’ll try to do something… :slight_smile:

but first, i need to know how did you make that switch + time loop layer, because i wasn’t able to make one :blush:

or might as well send just a small example of that
you know… i need some help here too… :confused:

welp, nevermind. i did it :mrgreen:

TimeBoop.sifz (4.41 KB)

try importing that one into a new document
the duration is 12 seconds, so you need to setup your canvas a little bit
also this was made in the recent stable version (1.2.0) in 1280x720
so you might need to resize it too… : :unamused:

but still, i’m not sure if that’s the thing that you’re looking for :confused:
so please check that one first :wink: