[RESOLVED]Apply the very same sequence of movements on another object


I’m a synfig novice. In my very simple animation, I make geometrical figures move and fight for an area but the figure don’t have the same strength so the sequence of movement is asymetrical : one of them wins).
I would like to apply the very same sequence of movements on another pair of figures. But I can’t see how to, and i wish i could avoid to manually type the coordinates… I assume that it is very easy for you, can you help me with this ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can use library panel that helps a lot, it’s created to do something like that.
And here you got wiki: wiki.synfig.org/Library_Panel

Thank you for your reply.

However, I’ve already tried to export a value node of the first object (transformation -> offset) and connect it to the second object. But the problem is that the two figures move at the same time. What i’d like to do is making the first object move and THEN making the second object move in the same way as the first. I’d like to do something like extracting the path followed by the first figure and applying it to the second one.
It has to be possible with a powerful software like Synfig !

If your first object follows a spline then you can copy the spline and attach another second object to the copy. You can then set a different timing for the second object so that it starts later of moves slower but it will move along the same path. If you select and move the copied path then the second object will make the same movement but somewhere else on the canvas. That is just one solution. You can always attach your sif file so people can have a look and come up with more answers.

Thank you!

There is a tutorial called “Following a spline”, but I can’t see how to use it for the kind of movement I have (the figures are going forward and backward)
As you suggest, I attach the sif file : in this file, the blue square and the green circle are moving. But I’d like to apply the very same sequence to the red triangle and the yellow star but without making the blue square and the green circle move. Could anyone take a look at it please :slight_smile: ? I’d really appreciate your help :wink:
familiarisation test coherent_V2.sif (178 KB)


As Dirk said, following a spline is a good technique here. I am a bit lazy to write a complete how-to, but here’s some key principles:

  1. Outline that defines path should have a 0,0 origin or it’ll cause unwanted transformation.
  2. You can use ‘Stretch’ layer to mirror path and objects.
  3. To be able to translate all layers in the group, create an additional ‘Translate’ layer and connect it to spline.

A simple example is attached.
SameTranslation.sifz (2.8 KB)

The example Svarov uploaded is the best approach since it’s easier to reuse the splines that contain the animation. Since you probably don’t want to start over you can always copy the groups that are already animated and replace the content with something else. In the attached scene I copied the Blue Square folder and put the content of the triangle in it. The triangle will then follow the same animation of the Square. All I did was change the Y-position of the copied folder in the beginning. To make the animation start later I used the free time layer.
familiarisation test coherent_V2copy.sif (244 KB)

Thhank you very much, it is very helpful!