Resizing line widths when using the Scale Tool

Hi Everyone!

I have a quick question. I was trying to rescale a drawing. The shapes resize fine but the line widths stay the same. Is there a way to scale the line width with the Scale Tool? I am sure this is something silly that I am overlooking. I even looked under the properties thinking that it might be something like Illustrator.

Thanks in advance for anyone’s help!


The Scale tool only works with the ducks that are visible and selected at the moment of tool usage. To allow scale tool affect the widths of the outlines, just show them in the canvas and select them. Press ALT-5 to do it or click on the width toggle button on the ducks button bar at the top left of the canvas.

could we make these transform tools acting more like other graphic apps :slight_smile:

Genete! You are the bomb! Don’t change a thing! I love it!