[REQUEST] Tags and colors for waypoints

Could be possible to have a description tag in a waypoint?

I know that a key is a way to do this, but I hate have too much keys. So, sometimes is interesting put a tag in a waypoint for fast find it.

For example, it’s good for finding actions without remembering the number of frame where it was. Just put the point up and see the popup tag description.

Another idea is select different colors to the waypoints. Sometimes, when I have lot of layers encapsulated is a hell to see what waypoint is of one layer or other. If I deselected the layer the waypoints of that layers continue visible. I don’t know if there are a better way to make this, but maybe with selecting colors for the waypoints of a layer…

Sounds a good idea, the color of a waypoint can be specified and user can define a tag (description) for it if user wants. The challenge of it is to make it easy to use and not mixup the UI. The timetrack panel should be reworked.

 I agree.

 [b]Timetrack[/b] is really great and works fine with small animations. But when the number of layers increases, it becomes a bit hell. If you have few waypoints or you don't need to change (move) the waypoints created is not a problem... but if you need to change waypoints and have a lot of layers it is a pain.

 I say about colors and tags trying to make it easy to identify what a waypoint is. But If there are better ideas in the reworking of the timetrack... fine!