Request: Modulo Converter

To me the existence of the ‘switch’ function, with its input option of numeric to choose which layer to show, … screams for a modulo arithmetic function to riffle through a series of layers like a sprite, when a linear input is supplied. I wish someone would create one.

I think I have accomplished it 3 ways over the years: exploit the real-to-int conversion, or the “real to text” conversion, or use arcsin to give back a value between -180 and 180 from a linear input (and here usually runs into the Problem of another missing converter I’d request: there is no angle-to-real converter.)

Enclosed please find a monstrous network I once made using one of thgese to deliver something like a modulo out the other end to animate a really bad sprite (attached). some of the parameters can be tweaked to make it behave differently, A single modulo converter with a linear input would replace it (and work better)

Or, maybe I’m just missing some simpler way to hook one up.

sprite box.sifz (10.9 KB)


Yeah, modulo converter would be nice to have.
I also want absolute converter, you know, like ‘abs’ function in C++ because now I have to workaround it with vector length.

All of those are actually very easy to implement, I can even do it myself, but I don’t have enough time currently.

It was news a year ago(!): next development release will have a modulo converter :slight_smile: