Replace imported images?

I have a sif file that includes a banner that slides onto the canvas. The banner includes the course module name on it. Key frames and waypoints all set up. Is there a way to replace the existing banner (image file) with a new one for each module?

PS Everyone has been so helpful as I get started on a major project.

Hi, if the Banner is a PNG or JPG image, you can replace it select the imported image

There is one option in this Window, File name I think, you can change the route of the file then you can select another one instead, i could make you some more detail instructions for it but Im out of the home in this days so No Synfig to make a better example.

#2 the other option is replace the Banner file with another one using the same name.

Ok, Im now in home, ypu must select the layer inside the yellow folder and in the paremeters windows in filename you can choose a new one.