rendering with ffmpeg


i am doing tests to learn how to render in synfig studio.
i could do all the renderings but:

– auto target

– ffmpeg target

also, in the manual on the wiki, it says that bmp target makes text upside down but i get it well :slight_smile:

in the manual says that you can make .mpg .avi, .mov and .flv
is the flv a vectorial drawing or is it bitmap?

thanks a lot for the program :wink:

i use ubuntu 9.04

FLV is a video stream that can be embedded into a SWF.

Is this what to type to assemble images into a movie?

ffmpeg -i input_sequence_%04d.png output.mp4

Can someone give me an actual example of what to type, say if
my set of images ran from ball0000.jpg to ball0060.jpg?

I registered but haven’t got a confirmation email. Also, usually I get this
when I click on wiki and forum links:
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Other than that, Synfig is looking good so far! Using Windows Vista

For windows I think it is easier to assemble an image sequence using a video editor. Virtualdub is opensource, is simple enough for those kind of operations and is available for Windows.
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