Rendering - very basic questions

I was trying to render either mpg or flv.

I finally realized that my files didn’t fail but that I was trying to use them long before they had finished rendering.

So, to confirm - when I click on RENDER in synfig - just because the render screen disappears does not mean the render is automatically finished?! :blush:

And it depends on the power of your machine, I guess, how fast the render will be?

So far FLV has worked if I am patient and wait -I have not tried mpg.

A question about the parameters - what is the Video Bit Rate? The default is 200 and I saw some posts people said that was blurry (it is with my flv’s too) and someone suggested changing it to 8000 -

What is the minimum bit rate to make the flv look ok - or is that a matter of trial and error? I’ve read vimeo suggested minimum 2000

Does that make the render time longer and the file size.

Sorry to be so basic - I’m sure I’ll figure this out if I try it - but I’d appreciate and experience since it took me long enough to figure out rendering takes time - duh! :blush: :unamused:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Synfig studio is not very informative or provide much feedback when rendering an animation to file.
When you press render you’ll see a “Rendering…” message on the bottom of the Canvas window. Until it shows something like “Render done” or “Idle” it hasn’t finished. Better don’t edit your animation during rendering to not mess it up.

Regarding to bit rate it is exactly the same parameter passed to ffmpeg when compositing a png pipe to a video format. So higher bitrates gives you bigger file sizes but it is not directly related to the long render time. Most of the time, the render time is related to the image size and to the complexity of the animation. First exports should be done to something small for quick result (480x270 for example) and larger sizes should be used only for final render. In the final render, better go for coffee and wait.