Rendering time - multi core


I came back to synfig after 6month break. Is there any improvement on rendering with multiple cores(last time I could use up to 1)?

  • there is small issue with no dialog window opening when I render something.


Multi-core is a bit tricky.
ffmpeg is adding frame-by-frame in the rendered video, it is sequential, it means mono task.
The only thing that could be done is to render images in parallel and to add them in the proper order but it needs:

  • a lot of disk space to store the images
  • a lot of memory for different instances of Synfig
  • orchestration to add the images in the proper oder in the sequence (some images can be faster to produce)

Since Cobra engine, some layers can be “cached”, pre-rendered instead of render them each time but in the case of starting several instance for one image at a time, it would recacluate everything, and performances would lower again.

As a workaround, sequences of images can be produced as chunk, like in the script from the thread posted below, but there is no perfect solution.

Maybe a system of cluster/render farm?
Distributed render on several machines, then reassembled images on a main machine.
Still the problem of bandwidth and storage :stuck_out_tongue: