Rendering Problems...

Hey guys!

I was bored, so I made this poor animation…

Problem is: I can’t render it in a good quality as a gif-file.
Can someone tell me, which informations I have to provide, that you can help me settling those problems out?

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Gif output is better performed if you choose the magick++ target. Please check if you have it enabled. If you don’t have it enabled try to install the latest linux package.
I’m not sure if the windows version is suited for magick++ target.

No support for Magick++ in the windows version due to compiler mismatches.
If you need to do this under Windows, render to separate PNG files and then use a tool like imagemagick to make a GIF file.

Or even better, figure out why the GIF target has this problem? I think it’s in the code that minimizes the colour palette (GIF’s can only contain 255 colours) and how much of the picture is replaced and how much is just left as before (which is why you only see the artifacts on moving objects). It’s an annoying bug, and one I wish dooglus had fixed before he moved on. :frowning:

I’m using Ubuntu, Karmic Koala - 9.10…

I have Imagemagick, but that won’t render it as a .gif-animation.
I also downloaded libmagick++2 right now, but I still can’t choose it as an output… :frowning:

Magick++ target is broken in Ubuntu packages. Try to use the unified packages we provide in the download page. They ship the magick++ libraries properly configured.
You have to uninstall the previous version first.

Great, it works now! :smiley:

…but I have to get used to the new Synfig, some features don’t work anymore… :frowning: but still, it looks great :smiley:

Which ones?

If I open my model, I get this message

Another problem - I can’t use left or right click in the window with my model…

The missing file is due you’ve changed the relative path of the imported files.

Can you give more details on that and the sample file?

False alarm, it works again… I just forgot to set the Wacom Bamboo as an input device… :blush: