Rendering Keeps Crapping Out

Hey guys,

Every time I try to work on this animation at some point the program stops pre-rendering my work so I can’t even preview what I’m doing. It works at first, but when i go to preview it later the pre-rendering doesn’t even go past 0 and I can’t see what I’ve done anymore. It’s the same when I try to check it on the timeline. It’s like the animation is just stuck.

I know its something wrong with the program at this point, because when I try to close the document it wont even close properly and Syn just crashes on me.

This is rather frustrating…

I’m sure it would be very useful if you could let the developers know:

Which version of Synfig Studio you are using
Which operating system you are using
Whether you built Synfig yourself or downloaded one of the binaries

If possible, if you could attach the file you are working on to a post to let the developers see the error, that would be great too.

Hello squigcake,
I had this problem sometimes, but it was not a program bug, just a mistake I made, which made it impossible to calculate the report. The error is displayed in the console (the window with black text)

I’ve noticed something similar when using Windows and handling quite complex animations. I’ve seen a message like this at the Status bar of the Canvas window: “Render Failed”. Is is your case?

Yes, that is exactly my case.

I’ve looked for the problem online, but no info seems to be coming up.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to fix that easily. We don’t have a proper Windows enviroment to make possible debug those kind of bugs adequately. Our primary development enviroment is for Linux. We need windows experienced people that help us to fix and setup those kind of environment. Current windows binaries are made by a set of scripts that emulate the linux environment in a MYSYS system and we don’t know how to debug there.

Maybe you can help by offering a buggy file and a recipe to reproduce the problem. The smaller the file and the shortest the recipe, the better.

Maybe you can show the offending file and we can try to repeat the problem in a linux machine. But mayeb the computer specifications are important too (RAM, CPU speed, etc)