Rendering issue

I downloaded synfig studio 1.4.2 stable but am unable to render at all the different format after animation. When ever I click render it will bring out command page. ( C:\window\system32\cdm.exe ). Am using window10 64bit hp laptop. I need help

Yes, on Windows, a prompt may temporarily appear when rendering.

According to No ouput file after rendering - #6 by Gwyndy , the problem was an antivirus issue.

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That is what happens. And it may take a while (up to few hrs) depending on your animation and your pc’s resources.

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Alright, thanks you for the advice

Was it an antivirus issue too?

For info, my workaround is to disable AVG antivirus whilst I am rendering a project. (I haven’t yet found any other option.) I don’t like doing this for obvious reasons so I always turn off my WiFi access whilst AVG is off.

@Gwyndy you should be able to set up exclusions in AVG

@Amolese such options exist in all the modern antiviruses

But you can still use a virtual machine under Linux :wink:

@BobSynfig @Amolese I had tried that but had only included synfig.exe and synfigstudio.exe in the exceptions list. I have now changed this to the entire Synfig folder and it’s working fine.
Thanks for your help.

UPDATE: I have tried again with just ffmepg.exe (which is what I am using for rendering) in the exceptions list and that is also fine. Better, I think, than including the entire Synfig folder structure.