Rendering in HD

I was starting to enjoy using Synfig until I realized that it can’t render for crap.

That was when I discovered the Render options page of the wiki that explained the best rendering process was to PNG and then using ffmpeg.

When I was younger, I think I had more time, or patience. These days I can’t justify to myself the investment of time needed to use a command line app with a ridiculous number of parameters. But I tried the example anyway, it didn’t work.

I just want to render at 1366x768, that’s all - but ffmpeg caused error after error, I’m tired and frustrated - but hey, it’s free software right (no wonder I buy so many commercial apps then these says.)

So, my simple question is, can someone be kind enough to give me a command line to render my 1366x768 .pngs into ANY video format or alternatively, could someone advise me of a decent, relatively affordable animation program that I can buy.


Well, I was a cranky crapper wasn’t I? Sorry, hard day at work and then hometime frustration.

Here’s the command that made it work for me: ffmpeg -i “File Test.%04d.png” -vcodec wmv2 -b 7777kb -r 25 -s 1366x768 test.wmv

The -b is bnit rate, or ultimately, the video’s quality.

I hope this post helps someone as I was definitely frustrated…

Since 0.62.01 and if you have ffmpeg installed (in windows ffmpeg is bundled with Synfig) you can directly render from Synfig Studio to a movie format giving the video codec and the bitrate and selecting the ffmpeg renderer.
Alternatively always it is possible to use Avidemux to encode a sequence of images to a video. Avidemux is open source software multiplatform.